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Optimizing Wellness -Mind & Body

Mountain Peak Massage & Stretch Therapy is a veteran spouse owned small business with a commitment to support the health and wellness of a diverse community, optimizing customer service, wellness, and building strong community relationships. 

60 minutes. .$80 / 75 minutes . .$90 / 90 minutes. . $105

Our Services

Signature Massage

A combination of massage techniques to include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and trigger point massage to aid in restoring balance to the body and mind.

Neuromuscular Therapy

A therapeutic form of deep tissue massage that addresses trigger points, circulation issues, nerve compression and postural issues that are caused by repetitive movement injuries.

Deep Tissue Massage

Designed to relieve and release patterns of tension, throughout the body. Slow calculated pressure is used to help improve range of motion and alleviate tightness.

VacuTherapy Massage™

VacuTherapy is an approach to many common conditions using a machine that performs straight suction and pumping movements.  Beneficial in decreasing pain & inflammation from injury and chronic conditions, as well as relieving deep muscular issues. 

Functional Stretch

Functional Stretch is a system of stretching, strengthening, re-organizing and relaxation.  It is a safe and efficient way to improve flexibility and to help prevent and recover from injury.  This is a client interactive session using mats and other various equipment as needed. 

*60 minutes . . $70

Massage Therapy Packages

60 minute 3pk $230

60 minute 5pk $385

75 minute 3pk $260

75 minute 5pk $435

90 minute 3pk $305

90 minute 5pk $510


Stretch Therapy Packages

60 minute 4pk $280

60 minute 8pk $560

Massage Therapists


Joanna Azua

Owner, LMT, CST

I have been practicing massage and bodywork therapies for 15 years and continue to enjoy working with my community in supporting their journey through wellness whether they are receiving massage or experiencing the benefits of functional stretch therapy.  My intentions as a Massage and Bodyworker are to find a balance between muscle work and energy in order to promote relief from stress, pain, muscle soreness, and fatigue. 


Diana Sills-Douglas


I am a Colorado native and have practiced massage therapy and NMT for over 20 years.  I chose this profession with the hopes of enhancing the health and wellness of our community and helping those in search of relief and relaxation, body, mind & spirit.

April 2024, J. Taylor

Joanna creates a nice, quiet, friendly and inviting atmosphere.  Her massages are very revitalizing at an outstanding price. Definitely a great value for an absolutely amazing massage. 


March 2024, J. Chung

Mountain Peak Massage and Stretch Therapy provides the most professional service in Colorado Springs. I have been a client for many years and will not go anywhere else. 

March 2024, K. Toms

I'm VERY pleased with Mountain Peak! Diana is truly a massage therapist--she finds all the occluded and deep muscular knots in my back and patiently and thoroughly works them to resolution. I'm convinced that my lifting/fitness routine and overall health are better as a result of Mountain Peak.  Enthusiastically recommend.

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