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Packages & Gift Certificates

Back Massage
Practicing Yoga
Cupping Therapy

Massage Therapy Package

60 minute 3pk $230
60 minute 5pk $385
75 minute 3pk $260
75 minute 5pk $435
90 minute 3pk $305
90 minute 5pk $510

Stretch Therapy Package

60 minute 4pk $280
60 minute 8pk $560

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available on-line or in-store.

Add-on Services

 Percussive Therapy

 Designed to help prevent muscle tightness, improve range of motion and speed up muscle recovery.  Percussive therapy works well into the soft tissue stimulating the muscles and helping to release tension.  This is an addition to your scheduled massage service.

TheraCup Heat & Vibration Cupping

Combining heat & vibration to optimize local relief and recovery. 

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