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Massage & Stretch Therapy

Shoulder Massage

Signature Massage

A combination of massage techniques to include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and trigger point massage to aid in restoring balance to the body and mind.
$80 / $90 / $105

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

A therapeutic form of deep tissue massage that addresses trigger points, circulation issues, nerve compression and postural issues that are caused by repetitive movement injuries.

60 minutes / $80

Pressure Point Massage
Back Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

A therapeutic and refreshing massage that works to relieve and release patterns of tension throughout the body. Slow strokes and calculated pressure are used across the fibers of the muscles and tendons to alleviate tightness and muscle soreness.
$80 / $90 / $105

Functional Stretch

While incorporating many methods of stretching. Functional Stretch is a system of stretching, strengthening, re-organizing and relaxation. It is a safe and efficient way to improve flexibility and to help prevent and recover from injury.  This is a client interactive session using mats and other various equipment as needed. 
60 minutes - $70

Back Stretch
Childs Pose

Stretch & Massage

An interactive 60 minute stretch session to help reduce aches and discomfort in the body followed by a 30 minute signature massage.
90 minutes - $110

VacuTherapy Massage™

Current cupping therapies are modifications of an ancient technique as well as possess the benefits of traditional use.  VacuTherapy™ is an approach to many common conditions using a machine that performs straight suction and pumping movements. The vacuum "cups" are used to create a soothing suction on the surface of the body that reaches deep into the tissues working to loosen the muscles and bring an influx of blood to the area. It is beneficial in decreasing pain & inflammation from injury and chronic conditions, as well as relieving deep muscular issues. The “separation” that the vacuum produces in tissue layers enables water absorption and renewed blood flow to undernourished and dehydrated tissue and the elimination of old waste and congestion. suction reaches deep into the soft tissue creating great results for many common conditions.  VacuTherapy™ cupping is combined with massage for increased results.
75 minutes - $100 (massage & cupping)
30 minutes - $60 (full back & shoulders)

As an Add-on 15 minutes - $25

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